im stil alone..

I need a boy...a true guy,1 who looks real tough...But won’t mke me cry.I need dat  kind guy who Understnds...N even wen He’s wif his friends he stil says..."baby,hold my hand..’’

I look around n all i c is couples... skinny blonde wif some tall dark muscular guy..holding her tight... stealing kisses wen they think no 1 is watching...wen is it my turn? God, how i wish i could be her...God, how i would gv my evrything 2 b her..juz 4  1day...juz  4 1hour...1second..juz  4  1kiss... juz  2  b held..juz 2 know dat some1 is there...2  know dat some1  cares... 2 know dat some1  could care abt me as much as they do abt all de skinny blondes..

Wat i need 2 find, is some1  2 hold me tight...
Wat i mean is i want 2 be somebody's somebody...
Some1's some1...some sweetheart’s sweetheart …
I wanna b dat 1…
Some1  faithful  2 some1  faithful... some1  kind 2 some1  kind 2 me
Somebody  2  somebody who loves me..

I need a man dat'll treat me gud....not like these lil boys dat claim they could..
im sick of these little boys
n  de games dat they play
either  u want me or u dunt
bounce or stay to flirt...
wanna b  in love...dunt wanna get hurt
I love de whole flirting around,being wif  ur gurls,an independent woman
but I wouldn’t mind holding hands.Going on dates.
Being his girl..

Yah i know it might seem like i need love
But in diz world
Every1 who falls in love
Falls apart..

Stil getting hurt over n over agn.No more stressing n obsessin.From now on im having fun n refusing 2  gv my heart 2 any1.Yeah im alone,but i dunt need epy couples walking down de hall togther 2  remind me..

im not a girl dat thinks a guy is d answer
im juz tired of being alone..
Juz once i wanna b de gurl datz hard 2 walk away from..
im tired of not being enough..not being some1’s once in a lifetime...
all i wnt is a guy 2 hold me,kiz me,n look at me n say 'I love u' n actually mean it…
i feel like no 1 wants me or dat im not
even there wen it comes 2 me liking some1
they juz dunt seem 2 care
i juz want dat 1prson dat can make me smile wen im crying
dat wil laugh at my jokes even wen they’re not funny
make me feel like im d only person in my world
n if some1 says something abt me he’ll stick up 4 me
i juz want dat 1person dat i can love
n he’ll love me wif all his heart

im so sick of being single...i need a guy
2 hold me tight wen i start 2 cry
i need a guy datz nice n so damn fine 
So i can tell my gurlfriends... "Yup,he's mine!"

Sometymes i wnt some1  2  juz hold me wen i need it.Not a hug,but juz hold me,u know? I need some1  2 actually love me 4 once in my life..
I dunt wanna b everything 2  every1...
But I'd like 2 b something 2 some1...
d only n only thing i want right now
is 2 find a guy who likes me 4 me
a guy who isn’t afraid 2 act like himself around me
n  4  me 2 be able 2 act like myself around him
some1 2  cuddle wif  n mke me feel wanted
some1  2  love..n some1  2  love me..

I need a boy who would let me cry on his shoulder
hold me until itz all over
pick my head up n kiz me
n say “I Love You No Matter What
And Everything Will Be Ok”

Im convincing myself, YES i’ll find some1  new,i won’t b alone,n i won’t b wif  u.U’re waiting 4 me 2 crawl back 2 ur side,but no…NOT DIZ TYME!. Im keeping my pride..So gd bye 4eva,i’ll be on my way, itz going 2 take tyme, but i’ll  b Ok...Daa