! HATE U!!!

!t is better 2 be hated 4 who u r,than 2 be loved 4 some1 u r not!

when pe0p|e u d0nt even kn0w hate 0n u..
then u kn0w u're de SHIT!!!

u h0nes+|y th!nk ! care dat u r s!tt!ng there ta|king SHIT abt me..my pix,my |!fe..
know wat th0se th!ngs !n c0mm0n??
itz a|| abt me!!s0 be j|ez!!
cuz ive g0t awes0me sty|e,amaz!ng frenz n a beaut!fu| |ife!
n d 0n|y th!ng i can say 2 u is..