FrOm Him..

  Since 1st day i meet him,he gv me diz card..Until n0w i stil keep it...

i maY be al0ne,but im nver l0nely..

  S0me days,itz OK,0ther days,itz unbearable.I need 2 learn 2 b OK being alone n being wif myself..I’m trying 2 work 0n being ok wif diz!

Being alone has its ups and downs..
I love it when:
I can sleep as l8 as i want,d0 absolutely nothing,leave dishes in de sink,eat anything food 4 
breakfast,listen 2 relaxation music without getting a strange look,talk silly 2 my cats,sit in front of my laptop all day,cry when i feel like it,laugh out loud at a stupid thought….
I hate it when:
I need some1 2 hug…i want 2 c a really gud m0vie,go 2 anywhere 0nly wif myself,i hear a strange s0und in de n8 n n0 0ne was pr0tect me,i did'nt  hv  s0me1 2 talk abt smthg n etc…
But it does seem 2 make u better able 2 look at situations more realistically.U are responsible  4 ur own choices n actions n u can’t blame any1 but urself!
U also realize dat u CAN take care of urself n u learn 2 depend on U!

I hv 2 keep telling myself dat im ok,dat i can take diz,coz i know i can..Being alone is gud.. BUT??

 i pr0bably shouldn't be telling de w0rld all 0f diz...but writing is helps!

Find N Hold Me!

Im hurt all de tme,
I dunt want 2 cry 4 de way i feel inside,
I juz want some1 2 hold me...
Im alone in de dark,plez try 2 find me..
If no one cares,i dunt c a p0int 2 go 0n,
any1 find me!Any1 care!
Im sorry,i juz dunt want 2 b alone anymore..
I feel unheard n unseen..Depressed n weak..
No one cares n yet im 0wez de s0rry 1.
Some1 find me!Im scared...
Plez hold me until it all ends..
Juz hold me datz all i want..
I dunt want 2 b al0ne in de dark..
Juz hold me as i start to disappear fr0m de light,wen i start 2 cry,wen i wont be alone inside,wen i dunt d0 something wr0ng,
Juz hold me s0 tight.....<3

De m0ment_Punk Rock Girl h0stel_

eL. .Nany. .Rozie. .
We make diz vide0 at h0stel 0n 22nd n0v 2010..
i'll nver 4get diz moment,s0 sweet!!i really miz it!!
"SKUL" itz fnish..n it wil nver back!!

RosSa _ ku Menunggu...

I felt like i was having a heart attack!

    Part 0f me is s0 tired 0f fighthing wif him..N I feel as though i can't fight anym0re!!im hurting s0 bad i havent really been able 2 eat 0r sleep 0r anything i've tried talking to him abt diz but de same thgs stil hppen!