Find N Hold Me!

Im hurt all de tme,
I dunt want 2 cry 4 de way i feel inside,
I juz want some1 2 hold me...
Im alone in de dark,plez try 2 find me..
If no one cares,i dunt c a p0int 2 go 0n,
any1 find me!Any1 care!
Im sorry,i juz dunt want 2 b alone anymore..
I feel unheard n unseen..Depressed n weak..
No one cares n yet im 0wez de s0rry 1.
Some1 find me!Im scared...
Plez hold me until it all ends..
Juz hold me datz all i want..
I dunt want 2 b al0ne in de dark..
Juz hold me as i start to disappear fr0m de light,wen i start 2 cry,wen i wont be alone inside,wen i dunt d0 something wr0ng,
Juz hold me s0 tight.....<3