! HATE U!!!

!t is better 2 be hated 4 who u r,than 2 be loved 4 some1 u r not!

when pe0p|e u d0nt even kn0w hate 0n u..
then u kn0w u're de SHIT!!!

u h0nes+|y th!nk ! care dat u r s!tt!ng there ta|king SHIT abt me..my pix,my |!fe..
know wat th0se th!ngs !n c0mm0n??
itz a|| abt me!!s0 be j|ez!!
cuz ive g0t awes0me sty|e,amaz!ng frenz n a beaut!fu| |ife!
n d 0n|y th!ng i can say 2 u is..

..!m siNg|e..

u know wHat?
   im singLe but my hEart is takEn....s!ng|e doesn`t meAn ava!lab|e..
   Somet!mes i hv 2 stanD aLone 2 prove that i still can stanD..

be!ng sing|e is pretty good..Itz a nice sense of irresponsibi|ity..

being s!ng|e isn`t bad..What is bad is giVing up hope on finding thaT some1 spciaL..

 "I must learn 2 |ove the foo| in me,d one wh0 fee|s to0 much,ta|ks t0o much,takes to0 many chances, w!ns somet!mes n loses often,lacks self-contro|,Loves n hates,hurts n gets hurt,prom!ses and breaks promises,|aughs and cr!es."

nEw yEar is cOming. .

tHun 2010 dh mO smpi ke pghUjungnYa. .xtRsa rsanYa dh hmPir stHun bLaLu. .wkTu pskLhn pn dh abiz. .umo dh mO mcecah 20thun,cPatnya msa 2 mLimpas. .ehe.sykur kPd tUhan smpi ari ney ak mC dpt bnaFas n mnjaLani khdpn sPt besa. .exam pn dH mo abiz,hOpe2 dpt rsuLt bguz t. .dpt jga msUk U. .amiNnn. .hPy new yEar utk kwn2 yg knaL ma aku,kMu cLbrte thun baRu dmna Lh?bh. .yg pntg epy bH kn. .^.^

no skuL,no wOrk,no pRobLem!

no taLk abt asGnmnt for a few month. .Yeah!diz is dE tym 2 rest of my bRain. .my pLanning is juz go to wOrk wif my fRenz 4 a whiLe waiting a resuLt oUt. .hOpefuLLy my resuLt nOt juz ok bUt GREAT!!!!

mErry XmaS 2 aLL!!

i w!sh mErry Xmas 2 any bLoggErs that cLbrate diz Xmas on 25th dEc 2010. .hOpe u all enjOy on that time. .


siTting here tHinking of the tiMes u've hUrt me..WondEring why i stiLL Love u..Myb itz ur eYes,the way tHey make me feeL so gUd inside,or the way u smile..Thats make me feeL that i've nEver been so haPpy in my Life..itz pRobabLy juz the way u are..A funny,sWeet,cariNg,cute gUy tHat every girL dream of..Set aLL the times u hUrt me,i juz dont unDerstand..WHY i stiLL Love u..???

taLk abOut loVe. .

Love is Like a war..
Easy to sTart,haRd to enD n impossibLe to fOrget!


haTers. .hatErs. .haTers. .

To my hAters!!
i keeP it reaL n dats a pRomiz,i may be a n0ty gur| but atLeast im hOnest,wen i waLk u stop n sTare,weLL keep on Looking bcoz i dunt caRe!i hv my own Life n style,not tRying to pLez u or make u smiLe!wen it cOmes 2 compEtition u r OUT!!!now shut up u hatin' azz,n keep me oUt of ur mOuth..Cuz i aint a D*ck!!
FUCK the FAKE!!!

be aduLt. .

im not a perfect gurl..My hair doesn't always stay in place n i spill things a lot..Im pretty clumsy n smtimes i hv a broken heart..My frenz n i smtimes fight n myb somedays nothing goes right.But when i think about it n take a step back i remember how amazing life truly is..i Like being UNPERFECT!