..!m siNg|e..

u know wHat?
   im singLe but my hEart is takEn....s!ng|e doesn`t meAn ava!lab|e..
   Somet!mes i hv 2 stanD aLone 2 prove that i still can stanD..

be!ng sing|e is pretty good..Itz a nice sense of irresponsibi|ity..

being s!ng|e isn`t bad..What is bad is giVing up hope on finding thaT some1 spciaL..

 "I must learn 2 |ove the foo| in me,d one wh0 fee|s to0 much,ta|ks t0o much,takes to0 many chances, w!ns somet!mes n loses often,lacks self-contro|,Loves n hates,hurts n gets hurt,prom!ses and breaks promises,|aughs and cr!es."